Voramar-Calalga or Bassetes Trail 

From the top of Cala Calalga to Les Bassetes marina, next to Cala Mallorquí.

Brief description:  The start of the trail is located at the intersection of Avenida Rosa de los Vientos and Paseo Marítimo Infanta Cristina, the latter featuring an information panel and a parking area. This trail begins by going up the street parallel to Cala Cabalga. In this enclave you’ll find a sign for the PR trail which indicates that in approximately 15’, it provides access to the marina of Les Bassetes. The trail, which appears protected by a railing, descends to the cove. Immediately, a staircase provides access to Cala del Mallorquí, which also has an information panel. At this point, the trail widens.