Celebrations in Calpe are filled with fire and gunpowder, light and color, culture and art . By taking part in its celebrations, you learn about its people, cuisine, and folklore.

Calpe offers a wide range of festivities throughout the year. Numerous celebrations take place between the arrival of the Three Kings in January and the Moors and Christians festival in October.

Holy Week, Fallas in March, the Bonfires of Saint John in June, the Feast of Our Lady of Carmel on the 16th of July, and the local celebrations of the Feast of Our Lady of the Snows in August with a variety of cultural traditions, together with the bous al carrer ("bulls in the street"), all mark the town’s festive calendar. The rest of the year is filled out wth celebrations such as Carnival, Andalusia Day in February, the Festival of the Crosses in May, the Andalusian Fair in July, the pilgrimages of the Virgin of El Rocío and the Virgin of Mercy in September, the pilgrimage of Saint Francis and Oktoberfest in October, and Christmas in December.