From Plaza del Mosquit, take C/ Cervantes, turn left and arrive at the Plaza de España. From the plaza go to C/ Campanario where we recommend a game: Where is there a golden cat?

You arrive at Plaza del Beato Fco. Sendra and continue until the Torreó de la Peça and the ancient walls, crossing the large arch you will find the Museo del Coleccionismo where we invite you to have a good time…

Once you reach Plaza de la Villa , where you will see the Parish Church of Ntra. de las Nieves, turn left and on C/ Francisco Zaragoza find the Contemporary Art Gallery .

Descending the stairs, continue the route on C/ Santísimo Cristo until Plaza del Mestre Llopis , where you can rest and play with your children in the plaza, which offers: board games, chalkboards, maps…! Have fun in the school!

Continue the route along C/ Santísimo Cristo and arrive at the Museo de Historia y Arqueología . Due to their importancee and wealth, the Roman site of Baños de la Reina and the "Pobla Medieval de Ifach" have a special representation within the museum. After leaving the museum, go down C/ Soledad, where the fountain of "Santísimo Cristo del Sudor", the patron saint of Calpe, is located.

You will reach C/ del Mar from where you can see, on the right, Plaza Manuel Miró , whose mural depicts the history of the "Miracle". Return to C/ del Mar to reach Plaça dels Mariners, which pays tribute to Calpe’s seafaring roots.

From there, we join the Arrabal by the Puchalt Street and turning right onto the Santísimo Cristo Street, we arrive at the San Roque Street. Later, we follow the street and turning left we arrive at the Forat de la Mar.

After resting, continue the route along the shop-lined Avda. Gabriel Miro until you reach Arenal-Bol beach.

Continuing along Paseo Marítimo Infanta Elena, you’ll reach the Torre del Molí , an old mill where flour was produced, and finish the route by contemplating the Baños de la Reina . Although it was in fact a Roman fish farm, legend tells that a Moorish  queen would swim in it, gaining access by means of a secret passage that comunicates the pool to the mountain.

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