The ornithological tourism or birdwatching is a form of nature tourism in which birdwatching is the main motivation, although not necessarily the only one.

Some will be simply satisfied watching the birds or adding new species to their lists while others will seek to immortalize it in a photograph.

However everyone is interested in the birds and habitats where they are, as well as the knowledge of the traditional activities that shaped the landscape allowing the maintenance of these habitats and its biodiversity.

And Calpe preserves some of the best habitats for birdwatching: the wetlands, along with others of notable interest such as the sea cliffs and coastal mountains, all of them full of history.

Las Salinas (the salt flats), the rock Peñón de Ifach or the mountain Morro de Toix, the end of the mountain range Sierra de Bernia that borders the sea, as well as the Sierra de Oltà will allow any “bird lover” to contemplate a great diversity of species some of great interest for foreign birdwatchers because they are species exclusive to the Mediterranean area.

We emphasize typical species of the salt flats like the emblematic Flamingo, Blackwinged Stilts, Avocets or several seagulls along with seabirds such as the European Shag or the Balearic Shearwater with other equally interesting such as the blue Rock Thrush or the Black Wheatear.

Due to its location on the eastern migratory route between Europe and Africa, the diversity of species that use these natural spaces for nesting, wintering or migratory stop increases the possibilities of birdwatching all year round.