Point of origin and destination 

As origin we take the Casa de Coló, and as destination the Hermitage of S. Joam and Parque de la cometa. It can be done in the opposite direction.

Ruta 02. Camí del Cocó, Concentari i Cometa

Brief description

This route, which is signposted in pink, begins at the information panel of the traditional paths that is located at the back of the house museum del Cocó. Located facing the same, we will take the road to our left passing by the well of the houses, we descend by the road and after passing by the entrance of the Botanical Garden, in a fork of roads, we will take the one on the right. Soon we crossed the ravine of the Pou Roig and we continue now in slight ascent until the next fork in which we take the path of our right (road of the Soliva), something later, again in a fork, we take the path of the right which in descent takes us to cross again the ravine, something later we take the track of the left and soon we leave it to the right a path that ascends until a road which we cross and we continue in front. On our right we leave the Casa del Cosentari. We will continue along the asphalted road leaving it immediately by a road to the right that ascends for a pine forest, then it goes planning, to later descend a little and then ascend again until arriving to a paved street, which we will continue in ascent, to reach a junction where we will take the asphalted road in front, which we will continue, leaving a street to our right and something later, at a first fork, we will take the road to the right and in the next fork we take the road to the left that descends and something later, in a first bifurcation, we take the road to the right and in the next bifurcation we take the one on the left that descends beside the wall of a house. Termina el asfalto y nuestra ruta continúa ahora por el borde de un bancal de olivos hasta el final del mismo, donde el sendero asciende hasta pasar por delante de la Casa de Terrasala. Al pasar la casa tomamos un camino a la izquierda que seguimos hasta confluir, en la Casa de Fèlix, con otro camino asfaltado el cual seguimos por la izquierda, pasamos junto a la Casa de Marcelino hasta llegar a un grupo de casas donde sale un camino cementado a la derecha, el cual tomamos hasta encontrarnos un ramal que sale a nuestra izquierda y que nos lleva al cauce del Barranco del Quisi, el cual cruzamos y ascendemos ahora hasta Cases de L'Aljup. Once on the paved road, we continue on the right descending about 500 meters to a junction where a road starts to our left which we follow until we reach the Parque de la Cometa.

Elements of interest 

In elements of the Soliva we can appreciate the old water conduction with its stone towers used as siphons of this supply network dating from 1928.

This route crosses the most agricultural area at present of the term of Calp, walking through it we can enjoy the landscape that characterized in times past the entire municipality with its rain-fed crops, traditional country houses, such as the Cosentri, Terrasala or l'Aljub. It is worth highlighting the crossing of two ravines, with characteristic riverside vegetation, such as elm trees, reeds etc.


Additional information

Difficulty: This route, without large unevenness, has an average difficulty due to its length and the different climbs and descents it has. It combines the dirt road with the trail and paved road.

There are some paved road crossings where precautions must be taken. 

Possibly this route is within reach of children from about 8 years