Point of origin and destination 
This route has a circular character, that is to say the points of origin and destination are the same, having as intermediate destination La Creu del Tossal de la Cometa. Although the description of the route is made in a direction of travel, the opposite of the clockwise, it can also be done in the opposite direction.

Ruta-06 Camí de l'ermita de S. Joan a la Creu

Brief description

From the information panel of traditional paths, we take to our back, passing through the wells of the park, the street that is located above the park, following it in a north direction (Left). At the end of the street, to the right, there is a chain where we access a road that goes up to the pine forest. We pass by a water deposit, we skirt it on the left and continue through the pine forest, first walking and then on the left with a steep slope until we reach the top of the Tossal. From here we continue along the wide road, heading north, until we reach a point where we leave the road on the left taking a path that passes by La Creu and which descends until we reach a house that passes near and connects with the track, where we take it to the left and pass through the group of Cases de Torrat to continue first to the left and then straight to the park.


Elements of interest 

Hermitage of the Cometa, small chapel that possibly dates from the early sixteenth century. 

Riu-rau, reservoirs and was that make up the rural park of the Comet. Caserío de la Cometa or Casses de Torrat, a group of houses of agricultural character dating from the eighteenth century, with numerous architectural elements of rural character. 

Creu del Tossal de la Cometa, small metal cross placed in 1928 by local farmers to prevent their fields from the strong hail storms that destroyed their crops. 

Magnificent view of the town of Calp from the top of the Tossal de la Cometa.