Point of origin and destination 

This route has a circular character, that is to say the points of origin and of departure are the same, having as intermediate destination the high of La Rosina. Although the description of the route is made in a direction of travel, that of the hands of the clock, it can also be done in the opposite direction.


Ruta-05 Camí de l'ermita de S. Joan a la Rosina

Brief description

This route is signposted by the green color, leaving by the road under the information panel of the traditional roads to the right, in direction North. We continue for the same one about 500 meters until just before a bridge on the ravine, where there is a dirt road that leaves to our left. Something higher up there is a fork, we continue along the path on the left. We arrive later (about 400m.) to a junction where we take again the road on the left that, after an exit, smooths in a straight line. Shortly before the end of the straight we leave this path by a path that leaves to our right and that begins to ascend the slope in a strong slope until being near a house already at the top of the Tossal de La Rosina. We continue along the road that then transforms into an asphalted road that, heading east, will look for the road, which we take and continue on the right in clear descent. At the next junction we also take the right branch until we reach a road entrance with a chain to the right through which we will follow the route. Continuing along this track, which then happens to be paved, the asphalt, there is a fork in which we take again in the Parque de la Cometa.


Elements of interest 

Hermitage of the Cometa, small chapel that possibly dates from the early sixteenth century. 

Riu-rau, reservoirs and water that make up the rural park of the Comet. Caserío de la Cometa or Casses de Torrat, a group of houses of agricultural character dating from the eighteenth century, as countless architectural elements of rural character. 

Magnificent houses in the municipality of Calp from the top of Tossal de La Rosina.