Diving Routes - Los Arcos

This excellent dive takes place on the North side of the Rock of Calpe. The main characteristic is the rocky seabed made up of large rocks which form interesting shapes and create a beautifully backlit effect. It takes its name from the stunning arches that have formed on some of the large rocks. If the visibility is good they create a captivating ambience. The way the rocks are scattered and other numerous interesting features allow several choices of dives in this area. Diving centers usually visit the area of the arches and that is what we propose. Anchoring here, descend to about -9 metres to gain some depth. You will see the first and largest arch immediately, which is a beautiful window into the blue ocean. The top part of the arch is covered with Gorgonian and guarded by Two-banded Seabeam. The rocks of this area are cloaked with seaweed in contrast with the isolated rocks covered with Neptune Grass on the sandy clearings ahead in the route.

Following the drop of the rock and the sandy area, go in a south-easterly direction towards the tip of the Calpe rock. Here the rocks form pretty balconies that give way to the sand ahead. Closing the course and heading towards the Calpe rock wall you will see the large rocks again. These have numerous cavities and holes where you can find Moray Eel, Grouper and Meagre. Arrive at the rock wall that will be on your left and carry on, enjoying the surroundings as you go, until you see the anchoring point. Here, almost opposite the first arch you saw at the beginning, you will see the other arches. The depth is now around -8 metres.